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"ROSLA" supplies aluminium extrusions, conducts surface finishing of aluminium in various colors with the use of anodizing technology. Apart from that, the enterprise forms systems from anodized extrusions, including components for their connection and manufacturing of products from them.

Since its creation in October 1995 "ROSLA"  is headed by the General Director Gennady Gusakov.

The enterprise has come a long way during these 18 years starting from a small producer of furniture and trade and exhibition equipment up to a large manufacturer of anodized aluminum profile.

In the field of anodizing the capacity of the enterprise is the largest in Russia at the moment. Modern production facilities are equipped with the world's newest automatic lines and other equipment that allows to carry out high-quality multi-color anodic coating.

The enterprise is certified according to GOST R ISO 9001-2008, the products  are certified according to GOST R for profiles with anodized coating, has an international quality certificate QUALANOD.

According to the report of the "Rating Analytical Company from year 2011, "ROSLA" was classified with "28.52" in the category of economic activity which allowed it to take 30th place among 1348 industry enterprises, and already in 2012 the company took the third place among 35,339 enterprises.

The company constantly participates in international and regional exhibitions, has many titles and awards, including: "The Gold Medal" European Quality "," The Best Company of the Year "and others.

Currently, the company is ready to develop new products with high-quality anodic coating used in various industries and construction.

The engineering and technological potential of "ROSLA" is very high, as there are:

- modern automatic lines for anodizing aluminum extrusions of well-known European manufacturers;

- high-performance installations for processing the surfaces of profiles with shot;

- equipment for laminating the PVC profile surfaces with a film of wood structures;

- various equipment: for processing extrusions and components, manufacturing semi-finished products, packaging products in individual packaging and polymer film, and so on.

In the manufacturing of anodized products an aluminum extrusion is used, made from primary high-quality raw materials that meet the requirements of GOST 4784-97 and international standards DIN 573-3.

The company "ROSLA" is engaged in the production of anodized aluminum profiles of various degrees of complexity.The products of the company "ROSLA" are a wide range of anodized aluminum profiles and accessories to them, which allows to produce a wide variety of furniture and interior items.

The assortment includes:

- systems for the production of sliding-door wardrobes - "Rosla Grand", "Rosa Extralight", "Rosla General".

- "Rosla F" system for the production of cabinet furniture facades;

- "Growth DR" system of edge profiles for framing various furniture parts;

- "Rosla A-S" system for the production of commercial equipment (counters, showcases, bar counters, etc.), exhibition equipment (stands, display cases, racks, etc.), the manufacture of medical furniture (sink-benches, laboratory tables, air funnels, medical stations, shelve stands, stationary and mobile drawer unitss, showcases, etc.);

- "Rosla MP" system for office space zoning, organization of individual work areas, meeting rooms, staff rooms and other premises;

- Profile "Rosla L" for the manufacturing of lamp-shelves;

- Profile "Rosla ST" frontal for the manufacturing of table tops;

- Profile "Rosla D" for the production of information frames, wall signs and tablets;

- Profile "Rosla M" for manufacturing frames and supports for cabinet furniture;

- Profiles for other purposes.

A full list of the products is available at

In addition to the production of assorted profile products, the company renders services for manufacturing profiles according to customer drawings (exclusive profile) and extrusion anodizing.

Production facilities of the enterprise is equipped with a stock of equipment for processing profiles (cutting, punching, milling, etc.) and manufacturing of frame products, structural elements, high-performance equipment for individual and block packing of profiles and products from them. The resulting components to profile systems are thoroughly inspected with the screening test with rejection and elimination of detected minor defects.

All production capacities of "ROSLA" are located in the Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny.

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