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23.11.2018 Meetings of the QUALICOAT Executive and Technical Committees

On November 22 and 23, meetings of the QUALICOAT Executive and Technical Committees, as well as an Extraordinary Meeting of the Association members, were held in Bangkok. The meeting was attended by the Business Development Director of RAEA Ms Marina Yatsenko, a member of both committees.

In connection with the new accreditation of QUALICOAT, related to the separation from QUALANOD, the Association approved new legal documents, including the Charter and a number of others.

The following issues were addressed at the Technical Committee meeting:
- Revision of Chapter 6 of the Specifications on Internal Control at Enterprises
- Florida Working Group Report (WG) on test results this year
- Powder coatings WG report on the situation with class 3
- A training program was approved for specialists of plants' laboratories engaged in painting


Also, Mr. Mark Holtz, Managing Director of IFO Institute (Institut für Oberflächentechnik), spoke on the work of the QUALISURFAL group.


Members of the Executive Committee were provided with information about the new Managing Director of Qualicoat, the members of the Executive Committee were briefed on the lawsuit from the French association ADAL.
Mr. Juan Bernabe, President of QUALIDECO, introduced the new QUALIDECO specifications.

Technical and Executive Committee decisions will be sent to all members of Qualicoat in early January 2019.

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