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02.12.2014 - 04.12.2014 The 3rd International Conference and Exhibition "Aluminium-21/Joining of Structures"

The conference was organized by Non-Commercial Partnership “Russian Aluminium Extruders Alliance”

The official partner - Alcoa Russia.

The official support - International Institute of Welding (France), Canadian Welding Association (Canada), Russian Welding Society (Russia), Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "PROMETEY" (Russia).


The Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee - Mikhail Lokshin, NP APRAL (Russia) and the Technical Director of Alcoa Russia - Alexander Drits welcomed the participants of the conference.

The conference was attended by 41 representatives of companies from Russia, Germany, Sweden, India, to discuss the successes of recent years and problems of obtaining welded, mechanical and adhesive joints in the construction of aluminum alloys. Along with representatives of higher education institutions, such as Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Institute of Laser and Welding Technologies (STU), St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University, there were also representatives of scientific institutes and centers, such as the TWI Technology Center, Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "PROMETEY", JSC "VNIIZHT", The Krylov State Research Centre.

During the plenary and regular sessions 24 experts presented their papers. According to the results of the survey, the most interesting reports were the following:

1. Direct Laser Deposition - Prospective Technology for Production of Large Parts from Light Alloys - Gleb Turichin, Institute of Laser and Welding Technologies STU (Russia)
2. Laser cleaning and surface preparation - Elena Ushakova, CC SPA LLC (Russia)
3. FSW Technology for Marine Applications - Jonathan Martin, TWI TECHNOLOGY CENTER (UK)
4. The Features of Adhesive Applicators and Dosing of Adhesive Compounds for Assembling of Aluminum Alloy Products - Alexey Ignatov, Bauman MSTU (Russia)
5. ESAB Equipment for Friction Stir Welding of Al Alloys - Alexander Perov, ESAB LLC (Russia)
6. Fiber Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloys - Evgeny Shamov, IPG Photonics (Russia)
7. Experimental and Computational Studies in Ensuring the Implementation of Structures Made of Aluminum Alloys in the Manufacturing Processes of Exploration and Production of Oil - Victor Platonov, Krylov State Research Center (Russia)


The conference partner, Alcoa-Russia, established a special prize for innovative technologies and the most significant achievements presented in reports and at the exhibition.

Dedicaded to the 75th anniversary and outstanding success, which determined the appearance and state of aluminum welding technologies in the shipbuilding industry of Russia - Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "PROMETEY", Russia

For the development of innovative welding technologies of aluminum alloys in industrial production - SESPEL Cheboksary Enterprise, Russia

For the achievements in creating innovative technologies of non-welded aluminum and light alloy compounds  for transport engineering - Böllhoff, Russia

Jonathan   Martin
Gleb Turichin
Institute of Laser and Welding Technologies STU (Russia)

Victor Platonov
Krylov State Research Center (Russia)
Alexey Ignatov
Bauman MSTU (Russia)

Vladimir Babkin
TRUMPF Laser und Systemtechnik GmbH (Germany) and TRUMPF (Russia)
Elena Ushakova
CC SPA LLC (Russia)


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